• Abortion-Free Utah Coalition Press Conference
  • Boyack family
  • Briefing Glenn Beck
  • Call to action
  • CERT volunteer
  • Coalition workshop
  • Empowered Families Coalition
  • Merrilee and her son Connor at the Capitol
  • Merrilee and Steve
  • Merrilee Boyack - Community leader
  • Merrilee Boyack
  • National Park enthusiast
  • Outdoor enthusiast
  • Presenting at the Capitol
  • Pro-Life Memorial
  • Professional speaker
  • Speaking at Marriott Center
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  • Strategizing with Pro-Life leaders
Abortion-Free Utah Coalition Press Conference1 Boyack family2 Briefing Glenn Beck3 Call to action4 CERT volunteer5 Coalition workshop6 Empowered Families Coalition7 Merrilee and her son Connor at the Capitol8 Merrilee and Steve9 Merrilee Boyack - Community leader10 Merrilee Boyack11 National Park enthusiast12 Outdoor enthusiast13 Presenting at the Capitol14 Pro-Life Memorial15 Professional speaker16 Speaking at Marriott Center17 Starting into politics18 Strategizing with Pro-Life leaders19
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“The Star Leads Us to Him”

It’s the end of Christmas Day and the family is bored. Holly comes up with a great idea to do service as a family and write a note on the back of her large paper star. She then folds it up and mails it off to her brother, serving a mission in Brazil, for him to do service as well. The star travels all over the world with people doing service and sending it on. The following Christmas she is amazed at how much goodwill it had inspired. Her mother notes how wonderful it was that the star led everyone to Christ. She encourages Holly to continue the tradition.

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