Getting fiesty in my older years

TODAY’S MUSINGS: All my life I’ve been the obedient girl. I had older sisters who had struggled with obedience and watched the horrible cost to that and decided at a very early age that I would be obedient. I kept the rules–I love rules! And I tried very hard to be nice!Well fast forward half a century. I realized I’m not so obedient any more. Now don’t get me wrong–when it comes to commandments from God, I still work very hard to be as obedient as I can be. I’m not suggesting anything different. I have learned that obedience to God’s laws leads to great happiness.But when it comes to stupid rules from the government and those in power or positions promoted by mainstream media, oh then I have a whole different mindset. I’m not buying it any more. I question, I research, I give them a second look. I was raised in a traditional household that thought the government had our best interests at heart and was composed of highly intelligent, altruistically-minded individuals. Boy has that changed!I’m older and I’ve seen the corruption, the self-interest, the greed. I think that most government agencies have rampant corruption. Go ahead and call me a conspiracy theorist or a crazy zealot. Doesn’t phase me at all. I’ve studied and researched and observed for decades.Then there’s the “let’s just go along” mentality. I watch people conform on so many levels because it’s easy, it’s expected, it’s what is being promoted. And it is sad.Then there are the people who hate contention so much they want everyone to “be nice.” To everyone about everything–unless, of course, it is the opposite of what they believe. . .So I’m outing myself. I’m way more rebellious than I ever was. I’m not nice all the time. Being nice has allowed over 60 million unborn babies to be murdered. Being obedient to the government rules and policies has moved us to the brink and into socialism. Being quiet has allowed our young people to be fully indoctrinated by those who have very different motives including control, domination, and profit. Sorry. I’m not quiet. I’m not always nice. I’m not obedient to worldly rules or policies. I do not tolerate evil. I do not accept losing our personal freedoms. I do not accept the erosion of the Bill of Rights that is rampant. I will not stand by quietly while our children are being brainwashed. I will not just “go along.” I am a bold, intelligent, studied woman with a brain and a mouth and I know how to use them. Fair warning.