I love mornings. I love watching the sun rise and natural light bathing the earth. I love the opportunities awaiting each new day. This morning as I watched the sun come up I thought, “What do I have to do today?” And into my morning, one by one, come the things I carry. Today I carry concern about two of my children who are working on their lives, I carry caring for my husband who just had knee replacement surgery, I carry thoughts of my mother-in-law who had a health challenge this week, and I carry a big concern for the unborn children out there who will lose their lives today.
That is why I begin my day with love and light and joy. I pray to God and hand all those concerns right over to Him. I read the scriptures to realize that many have carried burdens and that God is always there to help. I exercise to wake up the gift of a body God has given me. I think of all the blessings I’m so grateful for. I never face my day alone.
And I recite my personal mission statement:
“I am a source of love, light and power reflected from Jesus Christ. I am a loving teacher who inspires and motivates others to do good, be good, and turn to Christ. And I defend the Father’s plan of happiness for His children.”
Then I am armed with light and love and power and ready to greet a new day of possibilities.
Good morning!!