My pronouns: fabulous

Got a hilarious email today – under the woman’s name (and this woman works for the State of Utah) it said: “pronouns: she/her/hers* and then below it said, “*Why pronouns? Some of my personal and professional values are inclusion for all people, creating safe spaces, and trauma-informed practice. Sharing personal pronouns is one small way I incorporate these values into my work. My pronouns are she/her/hers. What are yours?”
After I stopped laughing I had to think – what are my pronouns?
In order to create a safe space for me and inclusion for me, you may use any of the following to refer to me:
“pronouns – fabulous, glorious, brilliant, outstanding, crazy, weird, and memorable”
I get that those aren’t technically pronouns but hey, that’s how I self-identify so deal with it!! I’m creating a safe space here!!!