Planned Parenthood

A legitimate question – and here is my answer:

“I have paid attention to you being in the news as a devout supporter of pro-life in Utah. You have said that you would really like to see Planned Parenthood shut their doors. Whenever I see this, I am saddened. And I would really like to know what other solutions there are for women who use Planned Parenthood for their medical needs.

As some background, I am an LDS mother of 3 and have lived in Utah for the last 11 years. When we first moved to Utah, we were opening a new business and struggling to make ends meet in a very real way. Our children qualified for state medical benefits, but my husband and I did not. For years, I went to Planned Parenthood for my yearly checkup and birth control prescription. I was never required to pay anything, just donate if I could. I received excellent care. I saw the same physician each time and she was knowledgeable and respectful. I also noted that I was always asked if I needed help getting out of a dangerous relationship and if I was being allowed to make my own reproductive choices by my partner. I had never and still have never been asked that at a traditional women’s health clinic. Maybe it is assumed that if I can pay for insurance I am in a safe relationship? I don’t know, but that always struck me as interesting.

What other options would someone like me have had? Planned Parenthood was an incredible blessing me for when my life was harder. Of all the stresses I had of raising 3 little kids and having no where near the sufficient amount of money to do it, PP took a huge amount of stress off my plate. I had no intention of an abortion, I just needed great medical care and birth control. If Planned Parenthood hadn’t been around, I have no clue what I would have done. Is the solution for the abolishment of abortion the shuttering of Planned Parenthood?

I am not trying to start an argument, I truly want to know.”
Concerned Mom

Here’s my answer:
Good question – if you go to Pro-Life Utah’s website, you will find many other options.
Bottom line, we do not support an organization that kills babies – plain and simple. Whatever they do that may be good is completely eclipsed by the death of even one child — wouldn’t you agree? So we cannot support them in any way—they kill almost 2,000 babies a year in Utah. That horror cannot be justified because they give out free birth control.

So I would urge you to find somewhere else to go to get your care. There are many options. (Interestingly, my own OB said they would not turn away a woman who needed care. They would care for her . . . so sometimes it takes asking.)

We are saddened every day when we think of Planned Parenthood of Utah killing 6 babies a day. And we will be much happier when they are closed down as we think of the thousands of unborn children who will have a better chance to live.

Hope that answers your question.