One of Merrilee’s passions is service – all kinds!  Her favorite scripture is Matthew 25:40 where Christ teaches us, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”  All her life she has loved being involved in service.

You are invited to join us on this path!  And please share this information with others so that together, we can change the world!


We may be in the middle of pandemic, but we can still be a huge force for love and goodness!!!

Enjoy the summer with your family doing service daily.  Or give to your students.  A GREAT way to make service a part of our lives.

Summer Service Calendar


Utah Community Service List

Here is a great service list for Utah County (feel free to adapt to your own county) of projects that you or your group can do.  Let me know what you do!

Service Ideas for Utah County

Community Service List

Chock full of service ideas for you or your family or group.  Do one or do them all!  You can do these anywhere.

Community Service Ideas

Books by Merrilee on Service

“52 Weeks of Fun Family Service” by Merrilee Boyack

52    Want ideas on what to do with your family?  (can be adapted to your group or  individual as well).  This is the book for you!

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“Standing Up in a Sit-Down World” by Merrilee Boyack484397

Want to be inspired to speak up and do good in your community — this is the book for you!  Full of moving stories and motivational teaching, this will touch your heart and move you to action.

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Presentations on Service

Merrilee has a number of presentations on service of all kinds.  Here are a few!  Feel free to contact Merrilee to speak to your group and inspire them to action.

“Standing Up in a Sit-Down World”

“Making a Difference in the World”

“The Chain of Influence”