“Spin” – today’s musings are on “spin” or “hype.” Lately I keep encountering this. So our cruiseline just sent us a message, “To enhance our customer’s experience” they announced the cruise will be shorter and one day-trip shorter. How does that “enhance” my experience exactly? They haven’t responded. Yesterday my publisher was telling me my book will not be published until NEXT Christmas and that was to “maximize sales .” Baloney. It was because the illustrator didn’t get his work done fast enough. One of our contractors reported they had “strategized on XXX” – actually, no . . . they only answered one question I asked them. With the word “no.” 
Now I am a plain-spoken, sometimes blunt, usually clear-speaking person. I really dislike “spin.” Just OWN it. Just say, “Yeah, we had problems with scheduling that we have to fix.” Just TELL TRUTH – “the illustrator didn’t complete his work in time for a Christmas release schedule.” 
Whenever I read spin or hype, I think, “Do you think I’m stupid? Do you think I don’t understand exactly what’s going on? Don’t patronize me or try to pretend it’s for MY benefit when in fact, you’re just covering your backside.”
My BS-o-meter has been going off WAY too much lately . And I haven’t even talked about mass media or politics. Don’t even get me started on THAT one.
Just speak truth. Just own your mistakes or problems. Just lay it out there.
Much appreciated!