The Impact of Words

I believe words are powerful. In fact, I believe that all of Creation was done by the Word of God and by the power of the words He used. So one day I was pondering on the power of good words in our lives – words like “I love you”, “I respect you”, “I’m grateful”, “Sorry”, “I forgive you” and simple words like beauty, joy, kindness, peace. 
Then I thought, “If GOOD words have such power, what about bad words?” I realized that I had three words in my life that were crude. I would use one and say, “Well, I’m from Detroit so I’m a bit edgy in my vocabulary.” What a cop-out. I was choosing to allow these bad words to have a negative power and influence in my life. I was spewing this negative power to others. I no longer wanted to use words with negative power in my life.
So I tried to stop. Words #2 and #3 were pretty easy. I think I’ve only slipped once this year. But Word #1 (starts with “cr–” and rhymes with “trap”) was a persistent thing. I’d do a few days and slip. Then I’d go a week and slip again. I was shocked at how hard it was to STOP. I’m a very disciplined person and this threw me. I finally just decided that no matter how many times I would slip up, I’d start again.
It’s working!! I’ve stopped thinking of it. I RARELY slip up. And a strange thing has happened. That word no longer has POWER over me. And it no longer has power in my life.
So now I focus on the GOOD words. Adding them in liberally to my life. Adding POWER FOR GOOD into my life.
It’s a powerful experience on the impact of simple WORDS.
So for today, I choose to use those words and declare to the world–“You are beautiful!” “I love each and every one of you with all my heart.” “I’m SO grateful you are in my life!” And the most powerful words I know–“Jesus Christ lives and He is the Son of God and I love Him dearly and He loves you and me. You are my brother or sister and Heavenly Father is our Father. He created this earth for us and put us in families to learn love and truth and to return to Him.”
May these words reach your heart and fill your heart with light and love and power.