What did you DO about it?

Only read this if you dare  . Today I was thinking about the profound shift in our society that has occurred. I give a lecture where I talk about the impact of apathy and fear on people and how it silences them. I have been astounded in watching this in action in society.
When I was a girl, life was valued–ALL life. Fast forward to today – and this change is breathtakingly painful. Bit by bit our society has moved to the point now where not only are the unborn considered disposable, but women celebrate and defend vigorously the killing of babies. Laws are passed allowing us to kill babies right up until birth. As if taking a breath is the only thing that makes you human. . . 
And it doesn’t stop there. The sick and elderly are considered inconvenient as well. So we hear now of the terminally ill not being treated because they’re going to die anyway.
And it reaches our youth where suicide is rampant. Social media is being used to encourage our youth to kill themselves.
And then we look to war . . . our military presence is global. Wars continue throughout the world unabated.
Bottom line – we as a world society no longer value life to the degree we once did.
And what about us? What about all the people out there who believe in life, who believe in peace, who believe in caring for the vulnerable. What about us?
Oh there’s a lot of hand-wringing and complaining to be sure. . . a whole lot of that.
But what are we DOING about it all?? 
Make no mistake — this culture of death that is covering our planet like the black plague is growing and flourishing because GOOD PEOPLE ARE STAYING SILENT.
GOOD PEOPLE have decided that they’re busy.
GOOD PEOPLE have decided they don’t want to offend anyone.
GOOD PEOPE have decided that it’s too scary to say or do anything about it.
GOOD PEOPLE have decided they don’t know what to do so they do nothing.
GOOD PEOPLE have decided to just focus on their family or their church and turn a blind eye to everything outside of that.
GOOD PEOPLE have decided they don’t have enough time, enough money, or enough skills to make a difference.
GOOD PEOPLE have decided that it’s too hard, it’s too late, it’s just too much.
But there are a few glimmers of light. A few champions out there who refuse to give up or give in.
God bless the champions for life.
Who do you choose to be? What do you choose to do?
Future generations will look to each of us and ask, “What did you DO about it?”