Why I fight for life

I’d like to talk about WHY I fight for life and against elective abortion and Planned Parenthood who is the largest provider of elective abortion.

I believe in the wonder and beauty of the creation of a human life. The second that the sperm penetrates the egg, all the DNA is present telling exactly what the hair color will be, whether they will be tall or short, brown-eyed or blue—every detail is present. A new human life has been created. And the second the unique human life is created it deserves a right to live. That being has worth. That growing human life has dignity.

Also, I love babies. I love big, chubby babies, and tiny little growing babies. I love babies who have special needs. I love babies who were wanted and those who were unplanned. I love them all. I do not pick or choose who to love – that love is not dependent on whether they were wanted, planned, convenient, girl, boy, disabled, rich, poor – none of that matters. They are ALL worthy of my love and our love.

I love women. I love empowering, encouraging, and inspiring women. Women are amazing co-creators with God. They have power and strength and incredible nurturing hearts. Encouraging, convincing, or helping a woman to kill her own baby is the most horrible thing I can ever imagine. Every woman I know (and I know many) who have had an abortion and killed their baby carry that burden their entire life. They are hurt, wounded, wracked with loss and pain over their decision. This is NOT empowering or encouraging. On the other hand, I have never in my entire life met a woman who regretting giving birth. Granted, it is hard work to grow and deliver a baby. But I’ve never met a single woman who regretted it and wished they had aborted their baby. Never. We do no favors to women by convincing them that killing their baby will make everything OK. It will not. These women who are so scared and desperate need our love and support—not convincing that ending their child’s life will solve everything. I am here to love and support them. I offer that to EVERY woman who finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy.

I believe that protecting the sacredness of life is crucial for our society. We have seen many societies—from Nazi Germany to Stalin’s Communism to ethnic cleansing—who do not value life and who begin to pick and choose who is worthy of living and who is condemned to die. When we fail to protect our most vulnerable populations, we decline into a degradation and barbarism that will destroy our collective humanity.

I fight against Planned Parenthood because they perpetuate a lie. They tell women that the life they have created is an annoyance and can easily be sucked away. They tell our society that it’s perfectly OK to rip apart a living human being. They tell us that it’s all about “choice” . . . to kill and “rights” . . . to kill. They lie. And they destroy. They destroy babies – millions upon millions – and they destroy women – millions upon millions. They try to cloak it in pink and balloons and slogans – but the organization that kills millions of innocents is rotten and foul to its core.

Fundamentally, I fight for life because of the wondrous joy of a new human life. And that is worth fighting for.