I love to work hard. I must have gotten my work ethic from my dad who was a hard worker. I just love it. I must admit, working so much now is a challenge. I told my husband you’re not supposed to work 60 hours a week in your 60s! But I just flat out enjoy working. I have to force myself to stop and take a break or play.
And I realized that I love meaningful work. On any given day, I’m helping in the fight to protect families, protect unborn babies, helping families get their estate planning together so they save money and make things easier for their children, tidying up my house, you name it. All meaningful work.
And I admire people who do all kinds of honest labor — I admire the UPS guy that just came by, I admire the construction guys building homes, I admire the father who works day after day to provide for his family, and I admire the mother who works hard in the home caring for the family (or both!)
There’s something just so rewarding about starting a task and persisting until it’s done. I love the rewards of work — the clean counter, the folded laundry looking just right, the estate plan all done, the article I finished writing, and I love looking at the lines in the lawn after Steve mows it. Just signs of accomplishment.
I think some parents are afraid to make their kids work — like it’s damaging. But I’m truly grateful for parents who taught me to work. I have fond memories of laying a tile floor and painting the house with my dad in the rain under plastic (he was also a workaholic). I have memories of sweeping up the leaves with the whole family, pulling weeds with my mom, you name it. I’m sure I grumbled and complained–but now I look back with gratitude to parents who recognized it was important to teach all of us to be hard workers.
I absolutely adore having a to-do list and checking things off. Facing a project and seeing it through. And I love, love, love finishing things. I’m a big finisher.
So kudos to all you hard workers out there who work day after day. Congrats to all the good moms and dads teaching the next generation the value and importance of hard work.
Hard workers have built our nation. And I’m truly grateful.
(Now I’m headed back to work — you knew that was coming J)