A wolf in sheep’s clothing acts like a sheep

TODAY’S MUSINGS: I was pondering this past week and had an insight. I was thinking about a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” The thing about the wolf is that they act like a sheep!! And many people are fooled and even step forward to defend them and say, “Oh no! They’re really a sheep!” But that does not change the fact that they are indeed a wolf. And all the acting like a sheep does not change that.I find it even more interesting when the wolf actually thinks they are a sheep. However, their message is that of a wolf. And there are some who say, “Oh, you shouldn’t point out the wolf. Who are you to judge?” Sorry, if I see a wolf, I want to warn my fellow sheep. How ridiculous to stand by and just say, “Well, I don’t want to judge or offend . . .” while sheep are falling by the wayside.In this day when so many are and will be deceived, we must be vigilant and have a strong spirit of discernment.By their fruits ye shall know them.