About Merrilee


Merrilee’s story began as a fourth daughter in a good family in Detroit, Michigan.  Shy and significantly insecure, she somehow knew she had something inside just waiting to bloom and blossom.

The day things changed happened in high school.  Merrilee was in a skit about Cinderella in the school’s variety show playing one of the ugly stepsisters.  As she stepped forward to deliver her single line, a magical thing happened.  The audience laughed.  Merrilee was transformed and performed a fifteen-minute spontaneous monologue that left the audience roaring with laughter.  She was hooked.

Boyack went on to receive her degree in Business Management at Brigham Young University and her law degree at Santa Clara University.  She married and had four sons – to her surprise and delight!  She established her estate planning law practice—Merrilee-style—working part-time from her home.  She now practices in both California and Utah.

Merrilee began to speak and later to write.  She speaks and writes of her experiences, combining humor, memorable stories, and tender emotion.  Of course, her first speech was about overcoming fear—something she had worked hard to master.  And she writes of family. Her first best-selling book, “The Parenting Breakthrough”, contained all the practical advice she had learned through raising her four sons and it was followed by “Strangling Your Husband Is NOT an Option” combining her humor with lessons learned in her marriage.

Merrilee now speaks to thousands all over the country.  She is a very popular speaker at Time Out for Women and BYU’s Education Week and speaks to all kinds of groups.  And she continues to write – “52 Weeks of Fun Family Service,” “Toss the Guilt and Catch the Joy,” and “In Trying Times Just Keep Trying” which chronicles Merrilee’s experience with breast cancer.  Merrilee  added life coaching to her portfolio career and helps clients move forward with their lives.

Boyack has been politically involved having served as a councilmember in the City of Poway, precinct chairman in Lehi, and other capacities.  She has created a number of community programs for community leadership development, care for the homeless, and city-wide emergency preparedness.

Merrilee is truly a renaissance woman – wife, mother, grandmother, lawyer, speaker, author, life coach and community leader.  And she has been reborn in the process.  She is truly a loving teacher who inspires and motivates others to do good and be good and is committed to the rebirth of others.